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Roller Blinds Clonbinane

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  • December 11, 2016

Roller Blinds Clonbinane | Blackout Roller Supply and Installation

At Bobs Roller Blinds Clonbinane, we have an extensive range of roller blinds including Zebra roller, Blackout roller, glass roller,motorized and many more.

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  • Zebra Roller Blinds Clonbinane
  • Blackout Roller Blinds Clonbinane
  • Window Roller Blinds Clonbinane
  • Glass Roller Blinds Clonbinane
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Roller Blinds Clonbinane

Roller Blinds Installation Clonbinane

Our Bobs blinds professional installers are highly trained to the most excellent standards and have got extensive knowledge on the latest trends in the industry. All our installers are fully insured and are licensed as blind and also shutter experts.

Roller Blinds Supply Clonbinane

At Bobs blinds we consistently supply numerous kinds of custom made to measure blinds, shutters and also awnings. We work for a huge number of highly established companies found in Clonbinane and its environs who include blinds departmental stores, reputable interior designers, leading contracting interior firms and above all we serve individual clients.

Bobs Roller Blinds Supply Clonbinane

FREE measure and quote – Roller Blinds Clonbinane

Zebra Roller Blinds Clonbinane

Our  zebra roller blinds Clonbinane give a well generated shade that utilizes the dim-out fabric, the light filtering through it  alternates with the elegant sheer fabric thus enabling you to eventually control the glare produced while softening that natural daylight that keeps casting through the lovely window. Each of our zebra roller blind Clonbinane spots a styled bobs blinds pelmet that has various color choices that match the bottom rail with the control chain.

Main Features of zebra roller blinds Clonbinane

  • They have got two blinds in one
  • The blinds have got alternate filtrates of natural light
  • The blinds have got Elegant  Matching Pelmets
  • The blinds make use of single types of Control Chains
  • The blinds will end up reducing any glares and soften all type of harshness brought about by daylight
  • The blinds open in a simple way and are effective in controlling light
  • The blinds are very attractive from the  inside and also from the  outside the views of your home
  • The blinds have minimum Widths of 400mm
  • The blinds have minimum Drops of 600mm
  • The blinds  have Maximum Widths of 2500mm
  • The  blinds have maximum Drops of 2800mm
  • Each blind has a Maximum Area  of 7m²
  • They have a Bobs blinds Headbox and Pelmets that are Attractive, each Headbox is of 70mm by 95mm they come in Ivory, Silver, White, and Black with matching fabric covers.

Zebra Roller Blinds Clonbinane

Blackout Roller Blinds Clonbinane

Window Roller Blinds Clonbinane

Zebra Roller Blinds Clonbinane

Glass Roller Blinds Clonbinane

Patterned Roller Blinds Clonbinane

Plain White Roller Blinds Clonbinane

Whenever you opt to purchase the symbolic Plain White roller blinds Melbourne for your house you will definitely end up having a wonderful reflection of worthy cleanliness and astounding purity that every any soul would clearly want to be constantly associated with. The Plain White Roller Blinds Clonbinane posses the most elegant reflection of crystal-clear bobs blinds light that brings about lovely white shades that are visible over everything in sight.

Solar View Blinds Clonbinane

These great products are very modern and sleeker, solar view blinds Clonbinane are practically meant for the diffusion of natural light while at the same time reducing the glaring effect to enable you in your home to fully take pleasure in the great views that extend beyond the distant horizon.

Motorized Blinds Clonbinane

The motorized blinds Clonbinane product range in our possession will give you fine simplicity that is accompanied by great beauty with a matching sophistication. Fabrics in these blinds are strengthened to make it possible for rollers to swiftly move up and also down on the tubes as efficiently required. The bobs blinds product is long-lasting, very durable and practical.

The Best Roller Blind

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I like Roller Blinds for all my office windows. Now a day's these Roller Blinds looks fashionable and going with the trend for the doors and window of office and home. I had a great weakness towards Roller blinds to make visual changes in my home. Bobs Blinds is one of the most prominent supplier among the leading Blinds Company. Do make a call and order the best Blinds for your requirement.

Zebra roller blinds installation

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My house is well lit and attract a lot of sunlight, so I was searching for roller blinds that limit light but not completely blind the house. The Zebra roller blinds of Bobs blinds with its alternate filters have reduced the glare and softened sunlight.

Professional Experts for Roller Blinds in Melbourne

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I actually got assigned a professional consultant when I put a request for roller blinds at Bobs Blinds Melbourne. It was a splendid service as all my queries were resolved even before I made a decision to hire their services for the installation of roller blinds. Friendly customer service, beautiful blinds, and affordable prices. Would love to use their services again.