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Vertical Blinds Haddon

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  • March 3, 2019

Vertical Blinds Haddon, Vertical Blinds Installation and Supply

Vertical Blinds Haddon – supply and install vertical blinds Haddon & its environs at very lowest price in Haddon.Get FREE quote !!!

  • Vertical Blinds Installation Haddon
  • Vertical Blinds Supply Haddon
  • Fabric Vertical Blinds Haddon
  • Blockout Vertical Blinds Haddon
  • Translucent Vertical Blinds Haddon
  • Shicane Vertical Blinds Haddon
We are widely known for our highly acclaimed manufacturing activities supported by unrivaled supply services and recognized installation works with up to date consultancies when it comes to any type of window blinds, we are equally up to the task when you come to us for awnings as well as shutters, we serve free measure and quote customers in Haddon and its environs. At Bobs Blinds, we supply and install vertical blinds Haddon at very lowest price.Call Bob Blinds for a free quote today on 1800 096 446!
Vertical Blinds Haddon
Vertical Blinds Haddon

Vertical Blinds Installation Haddon

Bobs blinds installers are expertly trained to the greatest level and have requisite knowledge pertaining to the industry. Upon employment, they are dutifully required to go through a very rigorous training. All our staffs are fully insured and also licensed as blinds and shutters experts. The Installing process of our custom made to measure products in any home is always stress free due to the unmatched expert service of our team of excellent professional installers who greatly understand all the aspects of installations.

Vertical Blinds Supply Haddon

Fabric Vertical Blinds Haddon

When it comes to Versatile Vertical blinds Haddon, we supply bobs blinds for any type of small window and to any kind of sliding doors. These Verticals strongly blend functionality and fashion while giving the greatest effect at the same time. Below we have covered our widely admired product that includes tracking system, 127 mm verticals, fabric vertical blinds, Shicane Vertical blinds, 89 mm verticals, and Sloping Vertical blinds Haddon.

Fabric Vertical Blinds
Fabric Vertical Blinds

Blockout Vertical Blinds Haddon

Translucent Vertical Blinds Haddon

The wide range of our vertical blinds Haddon has bobs blinds qualities of being resistant to moulds and is also fade resistant. They also have a very strong anti-static making them be resistant to all sorts of dust while giving it a fine coating that is ideal for cleaner surfaces. These verticals come measuring 89mm X 127mm size of slat widths with the option of not necessarily having bottom chains.


Translucent Vertical Blinds
Translucent Vertical Blinds

89mm verticals

  • It perfectly fits into any of those narrower reveals
  • It has got a more modern and also extremely sleeker look
  • It aptly allows for control of more light in your room

127mm verticals

Vertical Blinds Services
Vertical Blinds Services

Shicane Vertical Blinds Haddon

This lovely vertical has got the advantages of a great Vertical Blind Haddon and has more enhanced features. The product is readily available in its flat profile that is of 89mm kind of slat widths. The vertical has got a nice cleanly wiped surface and does not have any bottom like weight or any chains, it actually offers a very superior closure and has good bobs blinds insulation.


  • It comes in the 89mm type of category of slat only
  • It has a very Superior type of privacy and closing, it ends up reinforcing a much tighter closure through the elimination of its weight at the bottom that a fabric of any verticals use
  • It is very Non-allergenic, which means that it is suitable for those people who are asthmatic, and generally doesn’t have those pockets that collect dust
  • It is known to be anti-fungal thus making it to be very ideal for use in any of your bathrooms and also kitchen not forgetting all those wet areas found in your house
  • It is highly UV stabilized
  • It is very simple when it comes to cleaning
  • It has a better insulation
  • It has got a maximum widths of 3190mm common with the one way draw while 3900mm is for the other split draw
  • It has got a maximum depth of exactly 2650mm
  • It has maximum blind coverage area of about 7m2
  • The minimum size of reveal required is about 65mm – that is the size of space right from your window to front of the sill
  • the product is available in its flat profile
  • It has a nice wipe-clean surface
  • It does not have bottom weights or chains
  • It conforms with child safety controls and all the feature are all standard
  • The one that is wand operated is optional
  • It is commonly available in its flat profile with an 89mm sized slat width.
Shicane Vertical Blinds
Shicane Vertical Blinds

Sloping Vertical blinds Haddon

Sloping Vertical Blinds
Sloping Vertical Blinds

"Fabulous Client Service"

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Fabulous client service and The blinds look awesome and are extremely affordable for a custom fit stock. Would surely recommend it to my friends and family.

”Delivered Desired Blinds”

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I am very happy with the team of Bobs Blinds as they delivered desired blinds to me at a very nominal price. My home is looking unique and stylish after installation of blinds. I highly appreciate these guys and proud to recommend them to everyone in Melbourne.

My Choice Vertical Blind

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Thanks to my friend Jackson who suggested me to book Bobs Blinds for my Vertical blind requirement. I have tried many supplier but they are very pricey and did not match well with my need. But I must say Bobs Blinds is the best choice for me. They are not very costly. Their Vertical blinds are Fashionable. I am planning to implement it for my office also

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