4 Common Types of Blinds

Blinds are the most common window covering used these days. They are easy to maintain and clean, they can also be used with or without curtains. There are several types of Window Blinds available and each type has its own varieties. Blinds are available in almost any colour and size you want. So, covering the windows is not the only purpose of blinds. They are very decorative and can save energy as well by providing insulation. With companies like Bobs Blinds choosing the right blind had never been easier. After reading this article, you will know about the most common types of blinds and their purpose Common Types of Window Blinds Roller Blinds Roller Blinds are made up of a single sheet of fabric. This fabric can be rolled up easily in a casing with the help of a cord or even a remote control for motorized blinds. They are available in various options depending on your requirement like UV blocking, transparent, opaque etc. They are budget orientated and easy to operate Roman Blinds Roman Blinds as well, are made up of a single sheet of fabric, but in this type of blind, the fabric is pleated. The blinds can … Continue reading 4 Common Types of Blinds