Benefits you are Not Aware of Motorized Blinds

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  • August 28, 2019

Motorized blinds have recently stormed the market scenario when it comes to window shades.

From Roman to Roller, Cellular to Timber the application of electric motor technology to the field of window blinds has disrupted the way we look at the window treatment industry.

Now you can choose from ranges including three different motors and two such remote control operations. Besides this, a wall mount control variety is also readily available in the market.

Motorized Blinds
Motorized Blinds

Before We Explore More About Motorized Blinds Let Us have a Look Over Their Benefits:

  • Accessibility No More an Issue:

    One thing that the advent of technology brings to plate is that even windows placed in hard to reach corners of your house can be easily treated.
  • Convenience:

    Remote control options have indeed brought about a sense of relief. Now one touch of a button can control multiple window shades. Moreover with the help of programming, one can preset their favourite window position and later remotely activate or deactivate it.
  • Child Safety:

    Technology has also helped a lot in a number of such incidents where children used to get injured while playing with window slides. Now that is out of the question as motorized blinds operate without any cords.

Some of The Best Motorized Blinds.

Out of the many varieties of motorized blinds that are available in the market some of the most popular ones are:

  • Roller Shades –

    One of the many factors that contribute to the aura of roller blinds is the space effectiveness it brings on the table. Fitting very closely to a window enables these blinds to adjust to any theme of the interior decor.
  • Sheer Shades –

    Cordless version of sheer blinds have vanes that are horizontal and capable of tilting open and closed, this effectively filtering light.
  • Solar Shades –

    The sole purpose of these shades is to act like an anti-glare mask for study and meeting rooms in particular and any other environment where light control is a must.
  • Pleated Shades –

    Much similar to honeycomb shades in nature and purpose the pleated shades have just one continuous layer of fabric over the trap air compartment.
  • Cellular Shades –

    Honeycomb cellular shades have two or more layers of fabric that converge into compartments built for the purpose of trapping air.
  • Wood Blinds –

    Made of light material these blinds are suitable for large to very large-sized windows. However, for high humidity zones, they are risky to use given the tendency of wood to warp.
  • Roman Shades –

    Made from fabric these blinds just like Rollers also have an effective operating system in place in the form of a pulley.

They stack up in uniformity when on being opened and while that leaves many portions of the fabric exposed the blind in particular maintains a smooth appearance.

How Much Motorized Blinds Cost? 

Convenience is pricey. And motorized blinds epitomize that very fact. On the contrary, there are almost two dozen different colours and designs to choose from.

You can get a basic motorized blind starting around 150$ and the best ones are priced at $450 and above. Costly they are indeed, but a smooth and remote-based quiet operation with other benefits discussed earlier makes them worth every bit of penny spent.

Blinds Installation Service
Blinds Installation Service

Want One for your Home? Call Professionals!

From suggesting the best design that would make sense to your study rooms interior, to getting the proper colour for the window blinds of the meeting room at the office.

We at Bobs Blinds provide Professional Blind Installation in Melbourne services well trained and highly experienced enough to see you through your dream of getting a motorized blind installed.

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