Exclusive Range of Curtain and Blinds

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  • December 23, 2018

Natural light shining in your homes through the timber shutters is one of the best things you must have for your house. Bob’s Blinds have some spring shine in Melbourne! This summer make your ceilings, bedrooms and outdoor space complete, with our Blinds installation Services in Melbourne. The blinds you choose for your homes are important as they impart look and style to your home just like the floorings and wall coverings. Thus, their installations and service really matter. Give us a chance to serve you once.

Curtain and Blinds Cleaning
Curtain and Blinds Cleaning

Best Blinds Company in Melbourne

Bob’s Blinds deals with the supply and installation of blinds, awnings, security doors and shutters. You can choose from our wide range and size of blinds. We have many color options that will suit your living space and will give a complete makeover to your rooms.

You can also give your installed blinds a stylish look by making them matched with our modish ties, backs, pelmets, and drapes. If you are having large doors in your house then our panel blinds will add beauty to your homes.

Bob’s Blinds offers services at almost all the places in and around Melbourne in offices, hotels, restaurants, schools hospitals, universities, construction sites, churches, property managers and the likes. Our window furnishings are high-quality products that are manufactured, supplied and installed for both the residential and commercial places. We provide style and service for every budget. Our exclusive combination of design-driven products, expert service, and no-surprises pricing will give your place a new look.

Blinds Installation Services
Blinds Installation Services

Why Install Blinds at Your Home and Workplace?

Blinds besides providing a classy look to your home also give you the freedom to enjoy the outside fresh air. You should go for blind installation because:

  • Weather Protection

    Our blinds will protect you and your outdoor living space from the harsh weather. So, don’t put a stop to your outside enjoyment.

  • Entertainment and Privacy

    Forget that you are being watched from somewhere and entertain the comfort of your backyard.

  • Smooth Mechanics

    We provide a hassle-free operation of blinds from both inside and outside. Feel comfort in operating the blinds with our unique operating systems.

  • Our Fabric Options

    We have specially designed weaves that besides providing privacy will allow you to admire your surroundings without any obstruction.

Roman Blinds
Roman Blinds

Exclusive Range of Blinds in Melbourne

  • Blinds

    Our wide range of the following blinds will impart your home a perfect look. You can get them installed in any of your rooms, kitchen and the likes.

  • Vertical Blinds

    These are perfect for sliding doors and large windows. You can opt for any material faux wood, aluminum or stiffened plastic.

  • Roller Blinds

    Made up of plastic material, roller blinds are elegant, simple and highly versatile and available in an array of color and designs. Go for a posh look by getting them installed.

  • Roman Blinds

    These impart a luxurious look to the house and very much similar to Roller Blinds.

  • Venetian Blinds

    Most popular and maximum people get them installed at their homes. These are perfect to be used in bathrooms and washrooms. They are available in a variety of materials such as metal, wood, and plastic. Give your windows a stylish and an effective covering by getting these installed.

  • Shutters

    Shutters are available in both wood and faux wood. These are an excellent addition to any home and style of décor. They give elegant appearance, impeccable look and are a long-term investment to your home. These are available in various colors including whites, neutrals and natural wood tones spanning from light to dark so that they can complement nearly any room in any home.

  • Awnings

    We have various style and shapes of awnings for your houses. Our experts will help you choose from the following mentioned basic designs of awnings that will fit best in your exterior:

  • Stationary type

    It is highly sturdy and stable and installed permanently at the home’s exterior.

  • Portable type

    They are freestanding and built for convenience. These can be moved from one location to the other and can also be used to follow the trajectory of the rising and the setting sun.

  • Retractable type

    These are the most popular and can be folded and rolled up when not in use.

  • Motorized type

    These are battery operated and have sensors installed in them to monitor the weather.

  • Fabric Tension Systems

    The FTS awning has been designed specifically to be installed over the glass roofs, conservatories or pergolas so as to resist heat and to provide shelter. These are manufactured from aluminum and stainless steel. It remains taunt at every stage of movement of the front bar.

  • Motorization & BMS Integration

    These are simple and reliable control installations that do not require complex management solutions. These are durable and dependable and feature a wide variety of speeds that are beneficial for interior and exterior shading applications.

Roller Blinds Installation
Roller Blinds Installation

Curtains & Tracking

We offer one of the widest varieties of draperies and curtain track systems that are very simple to get installed. Our commercial grade curtains can be used for many applications such as RV’s, bunk beds, cubicles, hospitals, boats and even bathrooms.

Our Blind Operations

The operation process of our blinds is relatively very simple and very popular amongst the Australians:

  • Classic Series

    This series allows a complete control over the blind, keeps them crisp and neat at every height. It is versatile too in its application.

  • Motion Series

    This gives complete coverage and environmental comfort and is very exclusive too. So, choose from our remote-controlled and automated Manual Guide Track Motion Blinds once.

Vertical Blinds
Vertical Blinds

Why Choose Us?

    • Friendly and helpful assistance.
    • Prompt, reliable, affordable and same day services.
    • Quality work.
    • Real estate bond claim and vacating tenancy work.
    • Obligation free quotes.
    • Extensive metropolitan coverage.
    • Insurance cover
    • Guaranteed service.

Contact Bob’s Blinds for getting an exclusive range of blinds installed at your home and workplaces. Call us for a free quote today!