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  • August 6, 2019

We supply and install all types of venetian blinds Niddrie. FREE and Measure and quote !!!  We make stunning all types of Venetian blinds at great prices. Get Free Quote now 03 6145 0073.

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Are you looking for affordable Venetian blinds Niddrie? We make stunning all types of Venetian blinds at great prices. We are highly respected for manufacturing and supplying premium quality of blinds, awnings, and shutters. We also install the same products as much as we offer consultation to all free measure and quote clients based in Niddrie and its immediate surroundings.

Our custom made to measure products has no equal in the market and we are pleased with ourselves for the consistency we display in sourcing our very own Australian products at any given time when facilitating our supplies.

Venetian Blinds Niddrie
Venetian Blinds Niddrie

Venetian Blinds Installation Niddrie

Our excellent bobs blinds team of installers is expertly trained to very high levels and has quite extensive knowledge required in the industry. Our staffs undergo rigorous training, and they are all fully insured and also fully licensed to install blinds and shutters expertly.

Installation of all our free in home measure custom made products needed in your lovely home is a stress free exercise thanks to the  professional  team of installers that we have who wholly understand all aspects of shutter and blinds installations.

Venetian Blinds Installation
Venetian Blinds Installation

Venetian Blinds Supply Niddrie

At bobs blinds we pride in effectively supplying numerous types of custom made to measure shutters, blinds, and also awnings. We effortlessly work for quite a huge number very established companies here in Niddrie and its surrounding areas who consist of blinds departmental stores, highly reputable interior designers, all leading contracting interior firms and clients from the general public.

Venetian Blinds Niddrie

The highly styled Venetian blinds Niddrie within our bobs blinds product range will end up providing you with the finest solution needed when it comes to getting utmost flexibility at any time that you need to control the intensity of heat gain as well as the visual comfort with a glaring ability accorded to all occupants living in your house.

PVC Venetian Blinds Niddrie

When you need additional styles that will match your sophistication, then our Venetian Blinds Niddrie offers premium varieties of blinds. We pride in having the greatest bobs blinds eye-catching choices of metallic finishes that have accompanying designs with perforated slats that will give way to a soft and well filtered light to permeate into your lovely house while you enjoy the most natural views of an awesome environment outside your home.

The range of synergistic selections that we have will automatically provide you with an option of getting trendier natural finishes in more gallant yet sophisticated styles.

PVC Venitian Blinds
PVC Venitian Blinds

Exterior Venetian Blinds Niddrie

The Exterior Venetian blinds Niddrie are purposed at creating the utmost optimal lighting atmosphere that is required at any given time of the day in order to allow for a perfect utilization of intense daylight.

The strikingly independent adjustable slats angle ensures that your room receives exactly the right amount of adequate daylight and accompanying protection that comes with bobs blinds it against any kind of prying eyes.

The Exterior Venetian blinds Niddrie shall provide flexible daylight utilization for optimum energy efficiency alongside a comfortable setting. The wide range of our exterior Venetian blinds will give you perfect sunlight management in your home. We are known for delivering such products of stunningly excellent quality to all homeowners.

Timber Venetian Blinds Niddrie

In our product range, these are known to be very Smooth and superior type of nice Aluminum Venetian Blinds Niddrie that are purposed for the control of light by just touching a button.

This lovely bobs blinds product will positively transform all your rooms from the current state of being very bright and breezy to becoming soft, soothing, and subtle. Our timeless styles of Venetian blinds Niddrie have fine arrays of colors that are strewn across all the three slat widths:

Timber Venetian Blinds
Timber Venetian Blinds

Micro Aluminum Venetian Blinds Niddrie (16mm)

  • These blinds all have a width maximum of 2700mm
  • These blinds have got a maximum drop that is 3600mm
  • The blinds  have a cover a maximum area of 7m2
  • These blinds have conformity to all the Child safety features as well as standards

Cleanline Aluminium Venetian Blinds Niddrie (25mm)

  1. The blinds have 6 wood-tones
  2. These blinds have 4 nicely perforated style slats
  3. The blinds Ladder tapes have a pitch of 18mm and has a 7mm overlap, this is different from the standard 3-5mm
  4. The blinds Lifting cords are well placed in safety wand
  5. The blinds have Maximum widths of 3300mm
  6. The blinds have Maximum dropping of 3600mm
  7. The blinds have Maximum area coverage of 7m2
  8. The blinds conform to all Child safety features as well as standards
  9. The blinds Classically Close up on both sides
Aluminium Venetian Blinds
Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Classic Aluminum Venetian Blinds (50mm)

  • They have  6 wood-tones
  • The blinds have a Maximum width of 3300mm
  • The blinds have a Maximum drop of 3600mm
  • The blinds have a total coverage area of 12m2
  • They conform with the Child safety features regulations and standards

The Actual colours of the blinds could vary with those bobs blinds colours that you see on screen.

The Available range of colours could actually vary from those currently in supply


  1. They are very durable and are best placed whenever it comes to the control of light and achieving your privacy
  2. They are Angled thus making the  tilts present to  serve a different purpose as tilting the Venetian blind Niddrie  upwards leads to the reflection of light towards the ceiling during summer, this then will definitely keep your room temperatures  to around 10 degrees more cooler.
  3. When it comes to design aspects, our company normally comes up with bobs blinds slats that are entirely opened in order to allow them to let in more needed light or on the other side having slats that are fully closed so that they end up blocking out any light.
  4. You actually tilt them down in winter so as to conserve enough heat by generally directing the light effectively over to the floor area then the heat will end up warming the entire room as the temperatures rise gradually.
  5. Our elegant Aluminum Venetians are maintained easily through very regular dusting and they can be washed thoroughly using soap with warm water.
  6. Finally, some of the components found in the Venetian blind Niddrie or some of the materials found therein could be subject to an additional and separate warranty from the respective manufacturers.
Venetian Blinds Services
Venetian Blinds Services

Benefits and Features of Venetian Blinds Niddrie

In The Trends

Venetian Blinds have evolved for modern houses and offices as a new trend. It is considered very stylish and is an elegant part of a custom blind installation for windows and security screen. Choosing the right fabric and colour you can maintain the luxury and beauty of your home with the help of it.


Venetian Blinds are produced by a single piece of fabric so it makes an easy installation as well you can handle it easily. This single fabric offers excellent privacy and light control as there is no empty space to peek through in or out.

Energy Efficient

High-quality fabrics and correct installation will provide you with energy savings and absolute light control. It can help in managing the amount of heat transfer in or out, an excellent solution for insulation in all types of seasons.


It comes at the prices which can be easily afforded by the homeowners. If you buy from us you will get exclusive offers and discounts as well as the installation service. It will help in reducing the overall cost in the installation of the blinds. We are sure that you will not find such finely made blinds at this rate in the market.

Why Choose Bobs Blinds For Blind Installation?

Here are some reasons why you should choose Bobs Blinds:

  • Absolute Guaranteed Service: – Bobs Blind is known to provide their customers with superb quality blinds installation service without any compromise. We make sure that you get superb quality blinds and blinds installation whenever you need.
  • Quality Products and Services: – Our blinds installation service is amongst the best in town and we also provide the best and superb blinds for you.
  • Variety of Blinds: – We provide our customers with a vast range of choices depending upon colours, textures and designs. Choose from hundreds of options to complement your interior decor.
  • Affordability: – Our quality blind installation service is available for you at cheap and affordable costs. By providing you with affordable prices we offer no compromise on the quality and effectiveness of our products and services.
  • Qualified Technicians: – We at Bobs Blinds provide you with experienced and well-trained staff for blind installation. Our esteemed staff is well trained and qualified that can offer their services and provide blind installation effectively without costing you much and saving time.
  • Experience: – Bobs blinds boast an experience of more than 20 years that is a feat in itself. Our experience in the field of Venetian Blind Installation is an example of our quality services and products.
  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed: – We have a huge family of satisfied customers that proves what kind of services and products we offer. We truly believe in providing our customers with the best available products and services and leaving them satisfied.

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