Vertical Blinds Bellarine

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Supply and install vertical blinds Bellarine & its environs at very lowest price in Bellarine. Get FREE quote !!!
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  • Vertical Blinds Supply Bellarine
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We are widely known for our highly acclaimed manufacturing activities supported by unrivaled supply services and recognized installation works with up to date consultancies when it comes to any type of window blinds, we are equally up to the task when you come to us for awnings as well as shutters, we serve free measure and quote customers in Bellarine and  its environs. At Bobs Blinds, we supply and install vertical blinds Bellarine at very lowest price. Call Bob Blinds for a free quote today on 03 6145 0073!
Vertical Blinds Bellarine

Vertical Blinds Bellarine

Vertical Blinds Installation Bellarine

Bobs Blinds installers are expertly trained to the greatest level and have requisite knowledge pertaining to the industry. Upon employment, they are dutifully required to go through a very rigorous training. All our staffs are fully insured and also licensed as blinds and shutters experts. The Installing process of our custom made to measure products in any home is always stress free due to the unmatched expert service of our team of excellent professional installers who greatly understand all the aspects of installations.

Vertical Blinds Supply Bellarine

At bobs blinds we effectively supply numerous types of custom made to measure blinds, shutters and also awnings. We Work for a huge number of highly established companies found in Bellarine and its environs who include blinds departmental stores, reputable interior designers, leading contracting interior firms and above all individual clients.

Fabric Vertical Blinds Bellarine

When it comes to Versatile Vertical blinds Bellarine, we supply bobs blinds for any type of small window and to any kind of sliding doors. These Verticals strongly blend functionality and fashion while giving the greatest effect at the same time. Below we have covered our widely admired product that includes tracking system, 127 mm verticals, fabric vertical blinds, Shicane Vertical blinds, 89 mm verticals, and Sloping Vertical blinds Bellarine.
Fabric Vertical Blinds

Fabric Vertical Blinds

Blockout Vertical Blinds Bellarine

  1. These ones have 41mm heavily fitted duty tracking program that is all round Robust and has the capability of eliminating sagging with a self aligned carrier that has a replaceable hook and also stainless steel spacers
  2. It contains bobs blinds Geared control box and it does not have a direct drive this one is very simple when it comes to controlling and therefore it is easier to operate
  3. It comes with a dual Control unit that gains greater control with great flexibility and functionality and is used on most of applications
  4. It contains a wand or some easy code of operation with both of them adhering to all laid down child safety rules and legislation
  5. It comes with an option used for fabric insertion

Translucent Vertical Blinds Bellarine

The wide range of our vertical blinds Bellarine has bobs blinds qualities of being resistant to moulds and is also fade resistant. They also have a very strong anti-static making them be resistant to all sorts of dust while giving it a fine coating that is ideal for cleaner surfaces. These verticals come measuring 89mm X 127mm size of slat widths with the option of not necessarily having bottom chains.


  1. These blinds are available in measurements of 89mm and also 127mm size of slats
  2. The blinds have Maximum widths of 3900mm that is subject to increase whenever used with the dual controls
  3. The blinds have got a Maximum drop at 89mm of slat and 3000mm,for the 127mm slat it is 3500mm
  4. The blinds have a Minimal reveal that goes with any 89mm kind of slat of 65mm, the 127mm kind of slat has 85mm giving some space right from the window over to the front of the sill
  5. The total Maximum coverage area that is available for every blind with 89mm type of slats is 9m2 while for the 127mm type of slat it is  12m2
  6. The non chain placed at bottoms option is available
  7. They all are in conformity with all Child regulations and safety control rules
  8. The bobs blinds one is Wand operated and it is actually optional
Translucent Vertical Blinds

Translucent Vertical Blinds

89mm verticals

  • It perfectly fits into any of those narrower reveals
  • It has got a more modern and also extremely sleeker look
  • It aptly allows for control of more light in your room

127mm verticals

  • It enables for the elimination of more light into the room as opposed to that of 89mm
  • It is highly Cost effective
  • It has a much Smaller stacking bunch as compared to the other one of  89mm
Vertical Blinds Services

Vertical Blinds Services

Shicane Vertical Blinds Bellarine

This lovely vertical has got the advantages of a great Vertical Blind Bellarine and has more enhanced features. The product is readily available in its flat profile that is of 89mm kind of slat widths. The vertical has got a nice cleanly wiped surface and does not have any bottom like weight or any chains, it actually offers a very superior closure and has good bobs blinds insulation.


  • It comes in the 89mm type of category of slat only
  • It has a very Superior type of privacy and closing, it ends up reinforcing a much tighter closure through the elimination of its  weight at the bottom that a fabric of any verticals use
  • It is very Non-allergenic, which means that it is suitable for those people who are asthmatic, and generally doesn’t have those pockets that collect dust
  • It is known to be anti-fungal thus making it to be very ideal for use in any of your bathrooms and also kitchen not forgetting all those wet areas found in your house
  • It is highly UV stabilized
  • It is very simple when it comes to cleaning
  • It has a better insulation
  • It has got a maximum widths of 3190mm common with the one way draw while 3900mm is  for the other split draw
  • It has got a maximum depth of exactly 2650mm
  • It has maximum blind coverage area of about 7m2
  • The minimum size of reveal required  is about 65mm – that is the size of space right from your window to front of the sill
  • the product is available in its flat profile
  • It  has a nice wipe-clean surface
  • It does not have bottom weights or chains
  • It conforms with child safety controls and all the feature are all standard
  • The one that is wand operated is optional
  • It is commonly available in its flat profile with an 89mm sized slat width
Shicane Vertical Blinds

Shicane Vertical Blinds

Sloping Vertical blinds Bellarine

  • This is one of those few products that are meant for covering up your raked window
  • Its bunch should always be on longest side
  • It is only either the right or the left bunch
  • It can accommodate any sloping top or any sloping bottom
  • The Slats are all well cut squarely and also stepped
  • It cannot be in excess of the 45 degrees angle
  • The uni-joint hook is only supplied for the purposes of functionality
  • It is well designed for tilts only, and the bunching is only meant for cleaning window
  • All the slats are first marked at the site and then are returned for finishing

Why Choose Bobs Blinds For Blind Installation?

  • Guaranteed Service and Products: – We at Bobs Blinds believe in providing its customers with superb quality products and service. We guarantee you that you will be delivered with quality products with no compromise at all.
  • Same Day Blind Installation Service: – Our experienced staff of well-trained technicians can provide blind installation service at your space within 24 hours. This fast and proactive blind installation service not only saves you time but also money.
  • Variety of Blinds: – Bobs Blinds offer you a wide range of options when it comes to verticals blinds. Choose from hundreds of colour, patterns design and material to complement your interiors and add a touch of style and elegance to your doors and windows.
  • Affordable Costs: – We will provide you with the best blind installation services at low and affordable costs. Low costs don’t mean that we will compromise on quality, guaranteed quality services are delivered at affordable costs.
  • Qualified Technicians: – A well trained and experienced staff is an important part of our company. Our professionals excel in the field of blind installation and offer guaranteed services and products round the clock.
  • Experience: – With an experience of more than two decades, we can bet on the quality of the blinds installation service we provide. Avail the benefits of our experience in the field of blind installation services today.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We can guarantee 100% customer satisfaction by providing you with desired blind installation service with no compromise on the quality and effectiveness of our services.
Sloping Vertical Blinds

Sloping Vertical Blinds

Frequently Asked Questions on Vertical Blinds Bellarine:

Why is my vertical blind rod hanging down outside of the rail and not allowing the support to move to the center?

Inside the rail is support connected to the first carrier with a magnet that moves with the first carrier until they reach the middle of the blind. At that point, the support stops while the lead carrier continues to open the blind. However, if the support disconnects from the first carrier early, the rod can hang down. To correct the problem, make sure the magnet is attached to the support and is free of dirt.

Can I get my vertical blind restrung?

Yes, this can be done by our technicians who are involved in manufacturing as they are also aware of the repair techniques. Contact customer care for any other problem.

Can I mount my vertical blind using side mounting brackets?

No, Vertical blinds can be mounted with either an inside or an outside mount. Do not try to do these yourself as any mistakes in the workplace can damage the curtains.

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